Last Call for San Diego!

Posted on By 83

The 4th Annual Emerald Conference is in just over 7 days!

Tickets are almost gone, so register now to join us in San Diego next week.

Cultivate your cannabis career at the 4th Annual Emerald Conference. Learn best practices in cannabis production, extraction, and analysis from over 40 of the world’s top experts.

The Emerald Conference is the first and most technical conference in the cannabis industry. It is a unique networking event for cultivators, extraction & production professionals, dispensary operators, cannabis testing lab owners, and analytical chemists.

Learn about the latest breakthroughs in cannabis science and technology in a pitch-free, collaborative setting. Top speakers will present fresh research on cannabis analytical testing, revolutionary extraction techniques, customized cannabis concentrates, and much more. This year includes a special extraction video series and a diverse set of scientific poster sessions. Register today before tickets are gone!