Susan Audino, Ph.D.

Susan Audino obtained her PhD in Chemistry with an analytical chemistry major, physical and biochemistry minor areas. She currently owns and operates a consulting firm to service chemical and biological laboratories, is an A2LA Lead Assessor and Instructor, a Board Member for the Center for Research on Environmental Medicine in Maryland, and serves on several expert advisory panels for the cannabis industry. Susan provides scientific and technical guidance to cannabis dispensaries, testing laboratories, and medical personnel. Dr. Audino’s interest most directly involves cannabis consumer safety and protection, and promotes active research towards the development of Official Test methods specifically for the cannabis industry, and to advocate appropriate clinical research. In addition to serving on various ERPs and national advisory panels for consensus standards, she also chairs the Cannabis Advisory Panel and working group with AOAC International, is a member of the Executive Committee of the ASTM Cannabis Division, and has consulted to numerous cannabis laboratories and state regulatory bodies.