Steve Ottersberg

Founder/Chemist at Green Lab Solutions Company.

Steve graduated from Fort Lewis College with a B.S. in biochemistry. In graduate school, he thrived as part of a synthetic organic chemistry group dedicated to designing novel chemotherapeutic agents. Steve’s passion for teaching both organic chemistry and nutritional-biochemistry at ASU, led to a faculty position teaching chemistry at Fort Lewis College. As a chemist, Steve’s two-plus decades of experience covers a broad range of fields, including pharmaceutical R&D, pharmaceutical sales, entrepreneurial endeavors, and industrial analytical laboratory management. As a member of both AOAC International and the American Chemical Society, Steve remains at the forefront of current analytical method development and defined standards for food analyses by the FDA and USDA. Steve is enthusiastically motivated to drive the acceptance of cannabinoid chemistry within the world of professional chemists and de-stigmatize the marijuana industry as a whole.