Savino Sguera

Savino Sguera is Director of Digamma Consulting. He has been in the cannabis analytical laboratory industry for many years. He was the Laboratory Director of Steep Hill Lab from 2011 – 2013 and DB Labs from 2014–2016. He developed analytical methods for potency, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial growth, as well as methods for sampling and reporting. He advised representatives from the Nevada, Washington and Maine to draft state legislation regarding cannabis quality control, including chromatographic method specification and validations, as well as identification of important active chemicals and contaminants. Since 2015, Savino has served as a member of the Independent Laboratory Advisory Committee for the State of Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health. Savino co-founded Digamma Consulting in 2013 to serve the growing industry and act as a vehicle for big data analysis of cannabis samples. He has presented his methods and research to the American Chemical Society, CannMed, and International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine conferences, as well as a slew of industry periodicals. Savino holds a B.Sci. in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University.

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