Hope Jones

Hope Jones, Ph.D.

Dr. Hope Jones was named Chief Scientific Officer for C4 Laboratories in March of 2017. She comes on to help C4 to continue their evolution into both research and advanced analysis and characterization of cannabis medicine. She brings with her more than a decade of experience in utilizing her unique qualifications and education, across several organizations, to help drive scientific innovation within the cannabis industry.

Dr. Jones received a B.S. in Plant Sciences and a PhD in Molecular & Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona. While completing her education, Dr. Jones honed her skills in controlled environment agriculture, plant & mammalian genetics, physiology, and molecular & cellular biology. She also gained vast plant tissue culture knowledge and expertise, and developed novel micropropagation in vitro systems to rescue populations of endangered and difficult to propagate orchids. She is one of a very select few scientists in this country that have extensive experience in utilizing these techniques with cannabis specifically, thus has quickly distinguished herself as one of the industry leaders in plant tissue culture techniques and micropropagation.

Dr. Jones’ previous experience includes; Staff Scientist for NASA’s Life Sciences and Biosystems Engineering Program, where she was responsible for antioxidant and phytochemical research and developing growing system technologies that improved both quality and quantity of crop yields during deep space missions. Dr. Jones has also worked as the Director of Science and Micropropagation for a large cannabis cultivation and product manufacturer here in Arizona.

Learn more at: www.c4lab.com