Emily Savage

Emily Savage holds a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University. While there, she conducted research comparing the accuracy and cost of four bacterial identification methods recently published in peer-reviewed, academic journal Foodborne Pathogens and Disease.

In 2014, Emily joined CW Analytical, California’s most trusted independent quality assurance laboratory. CW Analytical provides patients, cultivators, producers and dispensaries with crucial information regarding the safety, quality, and potency of their medical Cannabis products. he has fundamentally shaped the development and growth of the microbiology department and its capabilities and assisted numerous cultivators, edible producers, and bubble hash and kief producers mitigate microbial contaminations. Emily oversees day-to-day operations and technological additions and advancements of the microbiology laboratory as well as ongoing research investigating microbiological contaminants in medical Cannabis.

Emily is passionate about educating members of the Cannabis community on strategies and practices to reduce microbial contaminations, providing avenues to the regulated marketplace for cultivators utilizing probiotic applications, and contributing to meaningful research regarding: microbiological contaminants in medical Cannabis products, appropriate quality assurance measures, efficacy of microbial applications in Cannabis cultivation, and sustainable Cannabis cultivation.

Emily’s devotion and enthusiasm for biology was formed in rural western Pennsylvania woodlands. Here, she spent her days traversing the outdoors, appreciating wildlife and establishing a kinship with nature. Alongside this, her relationship and familiarization with Cannabis began at an early age and has spanned most her short life. This experience has fueled her perseverance and sincerity for science and community.

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